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Template Web


Template webs were created to act as templates in creating webs. It is now possible to creation webs via the ManagingWebs topic. In the not so distant past TWiki webs were created by hand. The data directory contains the different webs such as Main and TWiki. A web that begins with an underscore "_" character is considered invisible and a template. All files in the _default (or any other web that begins with an underscore) template web will be copied into your new web. The _default web template contains the following topics: WebHome, WebChanges, WebIndex, WebNotify, WebPreferences, WebSearch, WebStatistics and WebTopicList.


The web template is useful for administrators to design for creating webs of a certain type. Departmental webs can at least begin with a similar look and feel.

Simply create a web with an underscore for the first character. These can be used by authorized users to create webs from this template.

-- TWiki:Main.GrantBow - 16 Jan 2003
-- TWiki:Trash.PeterThoeny - 15 Aug 2004